High Life

I was looking for a place to take a swim on this hot day. I just wanted to cool off. Unfortunately I don't have a pool and the beach was closed due to a shark sighting. So I wandered around in my new swim suit. At one point, I thought about running through someone's sprinkler in there yard! And then I saw it, this beautiful mansion. They had to have a pool!

I approached this lovely house and rang the bell and waited. I got no answer. I rang the bell again... still no answer.

I was determined I was going to go swimming! So I climbed over the wall and ventured toward the back, and sure enough, a large glistening pool that called to me.

I ran the last few steps, hurling myself into the crisp clear water. The water splashed all around me! It was great!

The cold water felt so good against my skin! But, as I looked up, I realized the sun was blazing! I almost forgot to put on sunscreen! I have to take care of my skin!

I found a bottle of spf 30 and lathered it all over my exposed skin. 
Then I sat at the pool edge letting my feet dangle in the water, leaning back taking in the beautiful hot day.
Its time to go, before the owners of this beautiful house return and find me trespassing! 

Skin/Shape: Yokami~LUCY SKIN & SHAPE For Catwa  Shown in Exotic Skin tone
Swimsuit: !!Bubblehead!! Swimsuit style 1, comes in 4 colors via HUD. Special $1L offer to group members only. (Group is FREE to join!)

Body Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V4.1
Head: CATWA HEAD Catya V2.10
Eyes: CATWA Mesh Eyes
Hair: Magika Unknown
Location: Bentley Homes - East