Hitchhiker 2

Part 2 of the Hitchhiker post!


I had been riding long and hard, the road stretched for miles, I had no destination in mind, just me and the open road.
I pulled over for a nice cold drink.... ahhh that hits the spot.
What is this? A damsel in distress! I shall be the hero! Come with me Miss, I'll get you to town.
Its a match made in heaven. 
Unfortunately she didn't want me, she just wanted a ride. Now here I am and here comes the rain. Just my luck. Guess I'll find another beer and wait out the rain before hitting the road again.

*!*Adam Mesh Head- beta1-v1.3+BENTO
*!*Adam Mesh Body - v1.4
*!*Adam-skin body - Phil 
*!*Adam- Beard Bento M3
*!*Adam- Daryl jacket
JFA - Adam - Relaxed Jeans V1 - Black

Hair: Exile - All Apologies - Natural Fusion
Shoes: [Syn] Logan Boots
::GB::Leather cover sunglass Black
::GB::small tusk necklace black_(male)vender
Bike: Sidewinder Chopper v.8.5

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