Bloody Masacre

Help me please! Someone help me.....
I can't take it anymore... The voices.... the torture! I must end it now!......
Muahahhaha, my plan worked like a charm. Now to wash my hands before I begin...
What is this? I do not know, i'll just toss it aside Muahaahaha!

And now for the fun part! First I shall cut off this leg... and next the arm, or maybe the eyeballs! Yes yes, the eyeballs!  

Forgive my horrible story telling, but I felt like the images needed a story. The room is a prop created by Salacity, called The Horror Room and can be found at the Mad Circus 3 Event. You knew I would go back there, with all this great stuff, I can't resist! The room is decorated and comes with poses for both patient and doctor. The poses are easily adjustable. The room makes a great horror scene... or horrible horror scene as is the case with my silly story.

How can you have a horror scene without blood? I was thrilled to find this dress created by Viki called Lisa Dress - What have you done? at the Twe12ve Event. The dress is bloody and just perfect for my little bloody horror scene.  The dress does come with a HUD and can be worn without the blood. It also has several different colors to choose from. I kind of wanted to go with the whole virgin white for my scene just to make it all the more horror classic stereotype.

The makeup, once again by alaskametro<3 found in a gacha at On9. I just loved this makeup combination, the Lady Venom eyeshadow and the Lady Venom lipstick 3. It was perfect for my little horror scene so I used it again. I also used the nails from Appletini called Throne Games again. These are from the Mad Circus. To be honest, I just forgot to replace them when doing this scene so I figured why not just blog them again cause they are pretty cool!

My hair is called Rino Duo and can also be found at Mad Circus. This hair is created by EscalateD and is an exclusive event item. There are numerous color choices and as the hair says, you can change the color of the left and right side separately. I know its a bit difficult to see by my color choice but one side is all black and the other side I have black into red.  

As for the rest of my look....
SKIN: *YS&YS* Kitty Skin Applier for CATWA - April Powder Pack
EYES: .kosmetik - Eyes.candid @ Twe12ve October event
SHAPE: Custom

I'm sure you all remember Aaron? He's my sexy Ken doll that I get to dress up and play with however I want to include him in my blogs for post like this one where I need a couple. He has helped me with this scene so here is some of the info on his attire...
Mystic Mad Doctor - complete outfit, includes bloody jacket w/shirt, pants, boots, mask, glasses
Head & Skin
[AK] Mike Bento Head Vers. 2.0