Just felt like being artistic with this one!

The Enchantress is sure to draw you into her spell with her beauty and charm hypnotizing you to become one of her followers. But beware, for the Enchantress is a being of evil. Once you are hers there is no going back. She will have you begging at her feet, pleading for her attention only to be turned away and sent off on her evil task with the promises of what is to come. Do you dare stare into the enchantress eyes? Do you dare take a step into a darkness for which there is no return? Come my children, dance with me under the moonlight, take my hand and let me lead you into the darkness....

This series is inspired by an outfit created by Cellar Door which can be found at We <3 RP. it is called Yurei and is a 2 piece outfit. It does come in different colors, (I of course chose black). The Yurei socks can also be found at this event and complete this outfit.

I know I have blogged about this makeup before, but it is just so nice and works so well with almost everything I do, so here it is again. The skin, eyeshadow, lipstick and nails are all done by aslakametro<3 and can be found in a gacha at the on9 event. This is part of the Lady Venom set. What an appropriate name for my look, wouldn't you agree? I am sure this isn't the last you will be seeing parts of this great set!

The rest of my look....

Body Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V4.1
HAIR DOUX - Dreem hairstyle [B&W]
SHAPE Custom