*Warning... This post contains light nudity*

EVE is about to release the new upgraded version of the EVE mesh body. The new release has bento hands, poses for the hands and is compatible with any bento pose. The body has 2 versions you can purchase, the slim (shown here) and the pulpy which gives you a little more plump. This body is the EVE Slim V9. She is hoping to have this new release out by this weekend, shooting for Oct. 22nd.

EVE now also has a pregnant belly, Belly'EVE V9 that is seamless on your body when worn and works with any of the EVE skins, any official EVE or Omega skins. The belly also has a tattoo layer, underwear and fashion you can control via the HUD of your EVE body. The belly comes in 2 sizes, works great for your 2nd and 3rd trimester of pregnancy. I am wearing the size 2 in these images.

I felt the best way to show off this beautiful new body was to do it almost nude. The bikini underpants I have on comes with the EVE belly. It also has a little dress which I chose not to wear to give you the best view of this body and belly.

I am also wearing the EVE'olution head #4b-Beta + Bento. The skin I am wearing is the ELLA skin by EVE'olution B3, which comes in several skin tones to choose from. Of course the HUD on the body has all the body skin tones to match.

As for the rest of me...
Magika - 01 - Stay the Night