Return of the Dead

This bride to be never got the chance to stand at the alter and say her 'I do's'. Tragically on her way to the church she thought she saw a wolf in the road and when she veered off to try to avoid hitting it, her car tumbled down a cliff throwing her through the windshield and ultimately ending her life. It took days before her body was found, buried in the rubble of her car and the fallen autumn leaves that piled over her decaying body. Now, this wanna be bride does not realize that she has passed, and she spends her nights wandering the forest in search of her beloved. Many that have drove down this stretch of road have said they witnessed seeing the would be bride ghost, or have heard her weeping, the moans of sorrow carrying through the wind. 

The entire outfit by Sevyn East includes the dress, sleeves, flower crown, gloves and the appliers for the face makeup and chest tattoo. This outfit can be found at the Twe12ve monthly event and is called 'Forever'. 

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