Demonic Presence


From out of the lake of fire emerges a demon, dark and devious, ready to cause havoc to all in his path. This demon has found home in the Beast Heaven Forest (A very adult rated sim where human male AV's are not allowed).

To achieve this look, Aaron ventured over to Sinful Needs, the best place for all your fantasy and demonic skins and accessories. He is wearing the Ba'al Reborn Lust skin, Mesh Tail, Spaded Bare, Occularum2 Animated Mesh eyes 2.28, and the Mesh demon horns Empusa v1.0c. The tail has a hud with multiple textures, it is scripted, animated and clickable, as are the horns. The mesh eyes have many options as well and come with eyeballs you can use, or you can use omega appliers to change your omega compatible eyes. There are so many options! The skin has omega appliers, as you can see they work and look great on the Adam body. The skin has a hud with facial hair options. The skin can have hair or no hair on the body. There are just so many options on everything, and with great details, these skins and accessories are perfect for your fantasy needs. 

BODY/HEAD by Eve & Adam
Body - Adam v2 with bento hands
Head - Adam Mesh head - beta1-v1.4+Bento

CWB_ Loincloth_Animal skin Dark