Derby Girl


Today I headed out to a roller skating rink. Unfortunatly, I forgot to write down the name of the place I was at, but I did get the >SLUR<! So go check it out if you want! They have a nice arcade room, a little lounge area, and of course a concession stand for when you need a drink or get the munchies! 

My outfit I found at Twe12ve by Applique Chic. It is called Derby Girl and it includes the skates, skirt, socks and top. It is available in black (as shown here), blue, green and pink. It was a fun outfit to wear skating! 

My body, head and skin are all from Eve, the body is the EVE slim v9, I am also wearing the EVE shoulder replacer 1 + ankle block (not something you can really visually see), and the EVE'olution head #4b-Beta + Bento. The new updates on the body are great! Be sure to check it out. You can get the Eve body in slim or pulpy. 

As for the rest of me....
EYES - Song - Hyun Sky Eye
HAIR - Wasabi Pills Shizuko Mesh Hair
POSES - Embody Pose Pack F DERBY