Stopping by the trailer park, looks like all his relatives have done moved out. Where did they go?

Got a bit hungry, stopped by the old diner for some greasy food and coffee.

Went looking for a beer after lunch but the liquor store is closed. Bummer.

This looks like a good place to relax.

Aaron decided to head back to his roots today, a dark rural community called [WoS] Missing Mile. Run down buildings, trailer homes, and dangit, the liquor store is closed off with caution tape. Now what will he do? 

Aaron is wearing the new upgraded Adam body v1.4b and Adam mesh head beta1-v1.4+Bento from Eve & Adam. He is also wearing the Adam beard Bento M1, Adam skin body - Alex and for his clothing he is wearing the Adam - Daryl Jacket & Shirt, all from Eve & Adam. His jeans are JFA - Adam - Relaxed jeans v1 - black by PixelFashion

As for the rest of him...
HAIR - Argrace Takeshi blacks
EYES - NEWCLAN Sensual eyes #4
ACCESSORIES - Hermony - Ultimate Cigarette package v1.3