Save the Fawn


The snow is falling blanketing the ground with its icy white glitter. The clouds are thick and the wind is strong billowing drifts of snow in piles. And what is this that I see? A young fawn trapped in the midst of one of the piles. Like a superhero in action I rush over as fast as I can, trudging through the snow and approach the young fawn. Gently I lift it from the coldness, brushing off the glittery white. Off in the distance I can see its mother pacing frantically for fear of its young. Carefully I set the fawn down and watch as it bounces through the snow to be reunited with its mother. It has been a good day. 

We have a new sponsor! BREAKOUT! Thank you for giving me this opportunity to showcase your wonderful creations! 

My outfit is by Breakout and is called The Bachelor Outfit. It comes with a HUD to allow for multiple different colors/textures of the jacket, vest, shirt, tie and pants. It comes in standard sizing and fits well on my slink mesh body using some of the alpha appliers. The outfit is very well made/textured and something I can defiantly see myself wearing for more than just this photo shoot! 

The Rest of me...
Body - Slink Physique Male mesh body, hands & Feet
Head/Skin - AK Mike Bento head vers. 2.0
Hair - Argrace Arata Black
Prop - Nani Lovely Forest Fawn Hold (Toffee)

About the photos...
The first photo in this series was taken at my studio using a photo backdrop, windlight settings on ambient dark, ultra graphics and using a projector light. From there it was touched up lightly in my photo editing program to add the falling snow and frosted edges.

The second photo was also taken at my studio and was then taken into photoshop where I created the background of clouds and snow effect.

Hope you enjoy my photos!