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Got all dressed up in my new outfit, fixed my hair, put on my makeup and headed for the gym. I was due for a good workout. When I got there, I looked around for the perfect workout equipment and quickly spotted him, muscles rippling as he pushed himself up from the floor. Mmmm, yes, perfect. I made my way over and made myself comfy laying on his back. He seemed a bit unsure at first but I just smiled and said, "Don't mind me, i'm just here for a workout." I giggled and laid back as he held his perfect form supporting my weight. And then my phone buzzed, oh bother, who could it be? I pulled it out and snapped a selfie to show my friend I was busy working out. "C'mon Mister, this workout isn't going to complete itself." I nudged the machine of a man beneath me and felt his muscles as he began to lower himself to the floor.... Ahhh yes, a good workout day it is.

Blossom @ Twe12ve
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HEAD - LAQ Scarlet
BODY - Maitreya Lara
HAIR - Magika Unwrap me

POSE used - Cursed Angels - PUSHUPs (coming soon)


OUTFIT - ILLI Swimwear Board Shorts
BODY - Adam v2
HEAD - Adam v1.4
HAIR - Stealthic - Like Lust

No edits other than black around the edges to this photo

LOCATION - Hampted Gym