I got a bit artist with this photo shoot and photoshop, so I have included an untouched photo (the last one here) to show the details of the skin, outfit and wings/horns unhindered by my creativity in photoshop!

As if it wasn't obvious, you all know by now I love doing photos of darker nature. I don't just like taking photos, I like creating them into works of art. I actually take my work, print it off in 8x10's, frame them and hang them on my walls in the real world! They make for some interesting conversation sometimes....

Anyway, getting back on track here, lets start off with my Skin, Ears and eyes. These are all from Sinful Needs, an awesome place to go for your fantasy look. I tried to get a little into the winter spirit with one of my photos, putting her in the middle of a blizzard! The skin is the Lilith Reborn Lust skin, comes with omega applier hud. The skin hud has options to texture the ears as well (a separate purchase), Mesh Fae Ears S1D1, making it super easy to get that perfect match. And my eyes, Occularum2 Aether Infernal 2.25 Omega eye appliers. All from Sinful Needs, your one stop shop for your dark, twisted fantasies!

My demon had to have wings and horns. I got these from Safybelle. These are the bento bat wings v1.1 size small with bonus horns in red lava! The wings are bento, they are animated and they do have a hud for several texture options, including animated textured that can look like your wings are on fire! Pretty cool!

My outfit is by Cellar Door called Flutter Halter & thong in Midnight. This can be found at the We <3 RP event. The outfit comes in sizes for Maitreya and slink and can be worn as separates.

As for the rest of me....

Shape - Nanika Simone Shape for LeLutka Bento Head SIMONE
Hair - .Shi Batach
Head - LeLutka Bento Head Simone 3.0
Body - Maitreya Lara v4.1