Forgotten Toys


He threw on his hoodie jacket by #bye (simply called Male Hoodie Jacket) and grabbed his James Jeans in black by Costarlos. His wife had been bickering all day to go up to the attic to put away some Christmas junk that had been laying around for weeks. Finally he gave in and ventured up to the place where things went to be forgotten. (A more detailed blog of these jeans was done in an earlier post that can be viewed here)

As he began to rummage through boxes, pushing some aside and trying to make room for the new pile of junk, something in his dim flashlight glow caught his attention. He turned the light to fully reflect on the giant bear and toy elves on gift boxes. Slowly he made his way over to look closer.

As he got near, memories of his childhood began to flood him. These were items of his grandparents. He was so young when they left this world, but he remembered how much grandma enjoyed decorating for Christmas. Pushing aside the thick cobwebs that tangled around the Christmas treasures he made his way closer, reaching out to touch. He closed his eyes and let his mind take him back to those happy youthful days. (BtD Forgotten Fireplace: Toymaker {Left Behind toys})

The rest of me...

BODY - Slink Physique Male Body, hands & feet
HEAD/EYES - 02 Genesis Head Ethan bento (Gacha Rare item)
SKIN - Appliers by Fluture for Genesis
BEARD - Genesis Lab Mesh Tintable beard
HAIR - Exile All Apologies

POSES - TuTy's Poses


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