Sensual Kiss


Nothing will warm you up like a sensual kiss on a cold winter morning. The fire crackles in the background barely holding on to the last bit of its life as it has burned through the night. The sun has barely rose, casting shadows over the freshly snowed ground. Morning birds chirp as they fly past the window in search of food beneath the white blanket of snow. And inside, safe and warm embraced in his loving arms as his lips seek yours.....

Create your own magical moment with Gemposes - Sensual kiss found at Naughty List 2 event. Pose comes in a pose stand with easy to adjust menu and hide/show option for the pose stand.

Snuggle up in his and hers one piece PJ set by #bye called Cozie PJ's His & Hers. They are transferable so buy it, keep one and transfer the other to your snuggle partner.

The Rest of us....

Head - LAQ Scarlet
Body - Maitreya Lara
Hair - Magika Excuse Me

Head - Genesis Ethan
Body - Slink
Hair - Argrace  Hayate
Beard - IC Mesh full heavy beard hipster

Dust bunny sleepless attic skybox
Apple Fall - All visible furniture