A single tear rolls down her cheek, her lips quiver as she fights back the urge to cry. Don't mess up that beautiful makeup!

The makeup is by !IT!, the lipstick is called Alba lipstick and can be found this month at the Avenue event from Jan 1-22nd. It is made for Catwa and there are 12 different packages to choose from, each package contains 5 lipsticks and each package is only $120L. The eyeshadow can be found at The Makeup Room from Jan 1-31st. There are 12 different packages each with 10 eyeshadows priced at only $99L each called Shadows of Cool Eyeshadow!  I must apologize, I took these pictures several days ago and wrote down which package they were from but my husband decided to clean off my desk while I was out of town over the weekend and threw away the paper I wrote it on, so I am not sure which package these came out of. Regardless of which one, they are all very nice and there are demo's available! 

As for the rest of me, I have added so much effect to the skin and background it is hard to makeout the actual product as it is purchased, but I will list them anyway.

SKIN - Mudskin First kiss Hana Rare (shape included and worn)
HAIR - DOUX - Britney Hairstyle
EYES/TEARS - Catwa mesh eyes and tears.


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