Dark Romance

It has been awhile since I brought you anything from Sinful Needs, so today I wanted to focus on them. Sinful Needs provides excellent quality fantasy skins and accessories for your avatar for both male and female. They have everything you need to get that perfect fantasy look.

I decided to model these amazing skins using my Adam and Eve body and heads. I wanted to show the versatility of these skins and how amazing they look no matter what body or head you wear. I just don't see enough of the Adam and Eve avatars. They are great quality and look great with just about anything.

So without further ado, I present to you....

A Dark Romance

These photos do contain artistic nudity and may not be suitable for all viewing audiences

My skin and ears for both male and female avatar are from Sinful Needs. The female skin is called Mare Vesper skin, the male skin is called Mare Noctis Male. These skins can be found at the skin fair which started in March. (I'm not certain if the fair is still going. If not these will be available at the main store). The skins come with an omega applier, eyebrow shaper, classic shape and a shape for a mesh body, and classic skins. The male set includes options for body hair and another hud for many beard and facial hair options.  The ears on the female are Mesh fae ears S4d1 and for the male S5P0D1. The ears come with 4 different pairs of ears with different piercings / gauge size options. They are very easy to color using the hud and if you are using a skin from sinful needs you can color the ears for a perfect match using your skin hud.

For my body I am using the EVE slim V9 on the female and the Adam mesh body V2 on the male. Both have bento hands. My head for her is the EVE'olution head #4b Beta + Bento and for him the Adam mesh head beta1 v1.4+Bento head. I don't think either of these get near enough attention. I know there isn't as many clothing options for the Eve body, but I have found that a lot of the maitreya fit items work with the Eve body! Always try demos!(the actual body shape is my own creation and not for sale... yet).

The poses I am using for these photos is by PoSeX called Couple Erotic. The first photo is Couple Erotic 2, the second photo is Couple Erotic 3. These poses can be found this month at the XXX Monthly event for April. They are bento enabled and come as a pose ball set. The poses are modify so you can easily adjust them to fit your avatar. 

Finally, my hair for her is from Exile called out of the Ruins, and his hair is from Doux called Jordan.