I stepped away from blogging for a short while, taking a little medical break. As some of my readers know, I recently donated my kidney to a friend of mine in March. The recovery has been a bit rough, but each day is getting better and with that being said, I am finally back from my break and all I have to say is WOW at all the amazing new things that have come out in the short time I was gone!

Today I am going to be featuring several designers...

I got a lot to show off, so if you are ready... 

The Darkside 3 event opens up April 14th - May 5th. I got a sneak peak at some of the awesome goodies you can find at this event and will be posting several of them in the next few days. For today however, I bring to you, EscalateD who is featuring this Robyn duo hairstyle as one of their exclusive items in this event! This hair allows you to change the color on both the right and left side. You can purchase a 20 color HUD, 30 color HUD or a full fatpack. Be one of the first to grab these exclusive styles! This is only 1 of 6 different exclusive styles that will be featured during this event! 

Next, I take you to one of my awesome sponsors, Indulge Temptation, (!IT!) who happens to be in several events this months! I will start with The Avenue event where you can pick up these cute pastel chick eyeshadows. I am wearing pack #4. There are 12 packages in total, each pack containing 10 eyeshadows! The packages are only $150L each and are available for Catwa and Omega! Also from my awesome sponsor, !IT!, head on over to the Makeover Room where you can pick up the Velvet Lipstick. There are 12 packs you can choose from and 5 colors in each pack. These are for Catwa only.

My cute spring top is brought to you by Cellar Door! Another one of my favorite places to shop! This top, called Jupiter can be found at the April We <3 RP event. There are 2 color options, the lavender like I'm wearing and also a petal which is a pinkish shade. The top is available for sizes Maitreya, Slink and Belleza.  

I decided to jump on over to CNZ, another one of my sponsors to see what was new. And what did I find? A new group gift!! These awesome basic leggings are omega appliers and they come in alot of colors! And again, did I mention these were a group gift? You heard me right! Join the group and grab this amazing gift! We all have those moments of trying to find something to put on under that skirt, or to go with that long sweater, or in this case, to wear with my adorable shirt! And you can get these just for joining a group! Don't miss out! 

Now lets talk about my shape and my skin. These are both from another one of my amazing sponsors, Avada. This is the Sharane Gen2 for Catwa shape and skin which can be found at the Chapter Four event for April. The set includes 4 brow options, shape, brow shape, and system skins. You can purchase body appliers for Miatreya, Belleza, Slink and Omega separately. You can find these in the half price room, so you know you're getting a great deal! Get them before the sale price is over! 

I told you all this was going to be a long one!! Whew.. I need to catch my breath! ... Ok Break over! On to our next goodie! 

My shoes are by The Little Bat (!TLB) called Roxie Anklets V2 and these can be found at the anyBody event April 7th - 30th. These anklets come with a color change HUD that allows you to change the bows, straps, chains and little spike things allowing numerous color combinations! They are available in sizes for Maitreya, slink and Belleza. There are 2 versions you can purchase, V1 has lighter colors and V2 is the darker shades. 

And now, lets do a little hop skip and a jump and head on over the XXX monthly event! This is another one that you will see a lot more posts for in the upcoming days! This one is just a teaser! The poses I used for these photos is by PosESioN. The package is called Matilda Set, but the poses are labled Bento Sensuality. There are five poses in this set and it also includes a posing hud you can use. My first photo is using Sensuality 2, second & last photo is using sensuality 4. 

And finally... for the basics!

Head/Eyes - Catwa Catya V3
Body - Maitreya Lara V4.1

Location - Misty Mountains


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