Martini anyone?

EVE body/head/skin/Outfit

EVE creates a full body that is bento in both slim and pulpy. I am wearing the slim version. She also creates the EVE head which is *!* EVE'olution-head-#4b-Beta + Bento. The skin is also by Eve and is a newer release called KIO skin which is available for EVE & Catwa. My outfit is called Dalia which is for EVE and Maitreya and comes with the jacket, underpants and Skirt.

In my hand is a martini that looks good enough to drink! It uses a bento hold pose for more realism to the way you are holding the drink. This comes from Sweet Evil and is an exclusive item for the Twe12ve December round which begins on December 12th. It comes with multiple drink choices, martini, cosmo, champagne, sex on the beach, pina coloda, sea breeze, aviation, kamekazi shot, and vodka shot.

And what better place to drink my Martini than at the Saints & Sinners club, a building designed by Midnyte Creations!