When you make a deal with a demon they say its at the CrossRoads. Just a kiss, a single kiss to seal the deal... Are you ready?

First I want to talk about this jacket. It is super cool. When you click on it, it gives you the option to undress. And little by little, you can open up this coat until finally taking the coat off and leaving him in just his undershirt opened up. 

Next, the new skin from Sinful Needs. If you need a fantasy skin, this is defiantly the place to check out! The applier is omega ready and as you can see, looks great on my Adam body and head! This particular one is called Children of the night and would make an excellent vampire skin. I used for a demon look but hey, you can use it how you want! The horns are also from Sinful Needs and I thought they looked great giving my crossroads demon the perfect finishing touches. 

Picture taken in front of the Urban Church created and sold by Midnyte Creations

@ Absolute Creations - EVE & ADAM
Adam Mesh Body V2.1
Adam Mesh Head v1.4
Victor Coat UndressMe for Adam & Signature

@ Sinfull Needs
SN Skin - Children of the Night (M) V2
SN - Dyscorda Barbed Horns

@ FDD Stories
FDD STories *Maedoc beard* v2