The PitStop

I went to the SLB16 shopping event and got a little carried away! So many shops and everyone with huge discounts on things! I shopped until my piggy bank choked! (And then shopped some more!)

So one of the shops I was at was Mangula Pia where I found this awesome outfit. (OMG I Love these boots).

And this bar... how awesome is this? The PitStop is a new biker bar/club/hangout by Midnyte Creations.

@ Mangula Pia
Mangula Pia Set  Jacket [Black]
Mangula Pia Set Blouse Body [Black]
Mangula Pia Set Short [Black]
Mangula Pia Woven Boots [FATPACK]

@ Foxy
#Foxy - Fallen Hair (Grayscales)

Location: Twin Pines Urban RP
Setting: The Pit Stop biker bar by Midnyte Creations

@ Blend Custom Racing
B.C.R. Wulf 300 - Flame