Vampire Kill...

The sun has set and the streets are no longer safe in the inner part of the city. Creatures of the night prowl awaiting innocent victims to cross their paths.

A feast is had, a messy one at that! His shirt becomes stained with blood....

@ Absolute Creations Adam & Eve
*!* ADAM-head -#beta v1.4 BENTO

*!* -ADAM Mesh body //Chest-Large// -v2.1

*!*Adam-skin body -Olivier 

*!*Adam-skin V2 "Head & Body" 

*!*Adam- Pant paul


@ Exile (Hair)
Exile::Unravel (messy)

Location: Twin Pines Urban RP
Set up: Dark Alley items by Midnyte Creations

And these pants! So many options for patterns and colors! They are great casual lounge around pants! Picture below showing them in one of the patterns.... and get a load of that sexy bod with that Adam skin!