Believe in Fairies


Believe in fairies,
they make dreams come true
Believe in wonder,
the stars and the moon
Believe in magic,
from the fairies above
They dance on the flowers
And sing songs of love
And if you just believe,
And always say the truth
The fairies will be there
To watch over you...

I think I have an obsession with mesh bento heads. I am a collector of heads! But hey, I love they way they look and how you can make each one look unique in so many different ways! Today I am focused on the LOGO Mae Head and the LOGO expressive elf ears bento edition. The ears are fun, they have animations that work with your expressions. You can also use the included hud to set them whichever way you want for a photo or just to be static that way. I like to have mine on random so they just kind of move naturally on their own. The head is another beautiful head by LOGO called Mae. For some reason, when I put this one on it just said to me, Fairy godmother... so I went with it.

LOGO Expressive Elf Ears - Bento Edition v1.0
LOGO Mae Head v1.0.1 Bundle (unpacked)
LOGO Maitreya Lara Applier Alabaster HUD v2

@ theSkinnery
[theSkinnery] Anne (LOGO Installer) peach

@ Astralia
Astralia - Pollicina wings (pastel pink)

@ Exile
Exile:: Blur the Line
Exile:: Flower crown

@ Caverna Obscura
Flutter in the MORNIN Dress - Maitreya,SLINK Phys,Belleza Freya

*Shape is my own creation*