Fun at the Gym

I'm having a bit of fun with this FREE group gift pose from Midnyte Creations! Its the Piggy Back pose found in the pose section of the store.

AK has the new Licia Head on sale right now for group members only for only $499... normally this head is $4999! It's in its last days! I believe the sale price ends on Wednesday the 31st! So hurry up and get yours if you haven't yet!

With my new head I had to get a new skin. My husband just got a new skin at Session and I thought it looked pretty darn good so I headed back over there myself and sure enough, found skins for AK heads! I grabbed the AK Jessie Tone 01 skin and found this fun hat/hair while I was there called Snapback so I grabbed that too.

So here is the breakdown....

@ Midnyte Creations
[Cursed Angels] - Piggy Back  *MC-2019* - GROUP GIFT! (Oh and group is FREE to join)

@ AK
[AK Deluxe] - Licia Bento Head

@ Session
[ session ] AK Jessie (AK applier) Tone01
[ session ] Snapback cap and hair

Maitreya Mesh Body

His Info...

[ session ] Ian Tone02 (Catwa applier) v1.1

 Modulus - Pete Hair - Monochromes

 Catwa Danial
 Signature Gianni Body