He gave me wings..

Pose & Prop - Po^Z Bento - Heer *prop included* (prop is the string lights, a bit hard to see in my photo but they are there!)

He gave me wings
When I wanted Fire.
"Rise, not burn," He Whispered...

@ L.I.C.  (Lyndy In Chains)
Maxim Dress -Includes a hud with so many options! Can change the fabric style to leather, cloth, lace, multiple colors, and tinting for so many options! The back is really awesome too, I'll have to get another photo to show off the back, its laced up like a corset, very nice!

@ Midnyte Creations - Shape
<MC> LW.Braelyn Med

Everything else....

LOGO Willow Head v1.0 Bundle
@ Uber event July 25, 2019 -

DOUX - Babyrose hairstyle [BASIC PACK]

[PF] <Vanilla> - Elliana - LOGO Skin Applier
@ Uber