More Great Free stuff for Guys!


Wearing the GA.EG Evan 2.1 Bento Mesh Head and Ultimate Eyes Pack EY16B Spirit Pack B

Aaron is back with more great finds for us today! Keep reading below to see what awesome things we have found for you! 

Wearing A&D Clothing - T-Shirt - Sheldon - SPECIAL GIFT & <MC> Men's Frank's shorts

Ready for some more awesome and FREE finds? Check out this shirt from A&D clothing! Ok, so it isn't exactly Free, its $1L for a limited time on MP only, but the ad does state if you really want a refund on your $1L they will send it to you so that would make it free. Anway, this shirt is awesome, comes in sizes for Gianni, Jake, Slink, TMP and classics. Includes a HUD that has 45 textures! What an awesome find. Grab it quick though, it says limited time and I'm not sure how much more time is left for this great deal! 

Wearing A&D *GIFT* BOOTS ~Casey~ Basics [150130U]

And here is another FREE find from A&D! This one can be found in world at their store location. These boots are the Casey basics and are free to group members. You do have to join the group to get these and the group is Free to join as well. Boots are standard size so you may have to use some alpha hiding on your Mesh body huds to hide your feet which is what i'm doing.


[GA.EG] Evan 2.1 Bento Mesh Head
[GA.EG] Ultimate Eyes
[GA.EG] Ultimate Eyes Pack - EY16B Spirit Pack B

BODY @ Belleza
-Belleza- Jake 2.0 Bento

HAIR @ Dura
Dura-B89-Hair-FAT PACK1

@ A&D
A&D Clothing - T-Shirt -Sheldon-  Special Gift - Marketplace Only
A&D *GIFT* BOOTS ~Casey~ Basics [150130U]

@ Midnyte Creations
<MC> Men's Frank's shorts

FroliXXX -