Sinful Needs


If you are looking for a good, high quality fantasy skin then look no further than Sinful Needs. They make the best fantasy skins for both men and women. The skins are omega compatible and therefore versatile to use on just about every omega enabled head and body. The skins come with so many options for body hair, beards, and brows giving you lots of opportunities to perfect your look. I am wearing the Artisan Skin - Forsaken, Male: Abandoned skin from Sinful Needs on my Adam head and Adam body


SN Artisan Skin - Forsaken, Male: Abandoned

*!*Adam boxed V2.1
*!*Adam Mesh Head- beta1-v1.4+BENTO

Dura-Game4-Hair :FAT1[Left]

@Zamires - Forest Fantasy Store
Warrior - Fantasy Loincloth - B&W

Wings/horns/cloud/Lightening effects by Graph Marenwolf
Angel & Demon