Yum Yum Bubblegum


Bubble Gum
Bubble Gum
Yum Yum
Oooh That's going to be a mess!

Aaron went out for a stroll in the city in his new corvette feeling so cool as he jammed away to his music and chewing on some bubble gum. As he was sitting at a stoplight he blew a big o'l bubble and POP it went all over in his beard! What a mess you have to clean up now Aaron! Not so cool no more are you?

[GA.EG] Alan 2.1 Bento Mesh Head
[GA.EG] Ultimate Eyes
[GA.EG] Alan Bento Bubble Gum

Dura-B89-FAT PACK1

/Ascend// Lucas Denim Over Shirt - White

<MC> Corvette /Poses (pg)
@ Twe12ve event