Accepting my darkness

Lyndy in Chains (L.I.C.)

"Aren't we all hopeless romantics?
In the pits of our own hell,
do we not seek out
demons to love and 
wonder why they 
don't treat us well."
-B. Vigil

"The difference between me
and them, I accept my
Darkness. I know who I am.
There's no way to survive
hell without taking a piece
of it with you. Something
only dark souls can fully understand."


SN Twisted Hunt Prize (Fall2019) - Damned Skins
SN - Occularum2 Animated Mesh Eyes 2.29e Update
SN ~ Mesh Fae Ears S1D1
SN - Infernus Horns

[GA.EG] Jennifer 2.0 Bento Mesh Head

Barbie harness Garters
Barbie Chain top style2
BDSM Barbie Harness Boots
Barbie's Booty Shorts

@Letis Tattoo
Letis Tattoo :: Enif Sleeve Tattoo :: H13002 :

@ Foxy
Foxy - Reina Hair (Essential)

@Sweet Thing
Sweet Thing. Demon Wings (Bento)

Maitreya body