Today's feature is brought to you by Sinful Needs and Adam & Eve. I decided to go for a little bit of a fantasy look and with Sinful needs skins and accessories it is so easy to do! HIS skin is the Artisan Skin - Forsaken Male: Forgotten and SHE is wearing the same skin in the female version. Both of them are wearing the Mesh Fae Ears S2D1 which are unisex and also sold by Sinful Needs. I know whenever I want to do a fantasy look that Sinful Needs is the top place to shop for fantasy skins. Not only are the appliers omega friendly but they also include system skins for those of you wanting to use BOM. This particular set also includes the Forsaken eyes which are pretty cool too. The skin hud controls accessories purchased at Sinful Needs as well, like my ears! No more fighting color tinting trying to pair it up. I get a perfect match every time! 

I chose to use the Adam body and head for him and for her the Eve pulpy body and EVE'olution head. As you can see the skin looks great on the bodies/heads using the omega appliers. She is also wearing the Dalia outfit made for Eve slim, pulply and also Maitreya. There are many color options to choose from from the main parts to the trim and even the laces. 


SN Artisan Skin - Forsaken, Male: Forgotten 
SN Artisan Skin - Forsaken, Female: Forgotten
SN ~ Mesh Fae Ears S2D1

*!* ADAM-head -#beta v1.4 BENTO
*!*Adam boxed V2.1
*!* EVE'olution-head-#4b-Beta + Bento 
*!* EVE  pulpy V9.1
*!* DALIA For EVE & Maitreya

Volkstone Luke Hair - Majestic

DOUX - Ariana hairstyle