Introducing Signature Alice!


Signature has just released the all new ALICE bento mesh body for women and it is amazing! It is omega ready, no rely hud needed to purchase, it is also BOM ready. The hud for the body is very simple to use and I love how you have the option to hide select sections or by individual parts. The body itself is sexy, carries the nice feminine curves really well and is just so easy to use! It does come with 3 starter body shapes but I am using my own shape for these photos. It also comes with the bra and panties that I am wearing in my photos which also includes a HUD to allow multiple color changes. This is a new body so designers are just getting started making clothes for this body, but it will come soon and this is going to be one HOT body to own! 

I am wearing the GA.EG bento mesh head Jennifer 2.0 with my new sexy body. This is one of my favorite heads by GA.EG, though they are all pretty great! In addition I am using the Ultimate eyes pack - EY15 Spring C eyes, and the ES05 Smoky Eyeshadows all from GA.EG. My lipstick is part of the standard HUD that comes with the head. If you haven't checked out the GA.EG heads I highly suggest doing so! Even if you don't buy any of the extras the hud is full of great things and all of their heads are amazing! (And less expensive then a lot of other brands!)

For my skin I am using the 7 Deadly s[K]ins JUANA lights - Caramel tone which can be found this month at the Fair Around the World Event which started Sept. 10th. Its a great skin and if you have followed my blog you all know how much I love using skins from 7 Deadly! They come with an omega hud that is body and head all in one. You can choose with or without brows. (I am using without and using the brows from the GA.EG hud). This particular skin also comes with BOM appliers. Her skins are amazing and look great on so many different looks and bodies that I own. They are always having sales and great deals at their in-world store and amazing gifts if you are a group member. Their is a small cost to join the group but this is a group that just keeps on giving! You won't be sorry you joined! 

Un-edited version of the signature mesh body!


Alice Mesh Body

@7 Deadly s[K]ins @ The Fair Around the World Event
JUANA lights skin

[GA.EG] Jennifer 2.0 Bento Mesh Head
[GA.EG] Ultimate Eyes
[GA.EG] Ultimate Eyes Pack - EY15 Spring C
[GA.EG] Mesh Heads Addon - ES05 Smoky Eyeshadows

Mishi Hairstyle

Close up of the GA.EG Jennifer head with the JUANA skin from 7 Deadly s[K]ins