Decided to take a sweet little vacation in a resort overlooking the ocean. In the evening as the sun was starting to set wearing my little white nighty and ruffled panties called Candy Babydoll by Lyndy in Chains enjoying the gentle breeze that comes through my balcony with the doors open. It's such a lovely evening. 

I'm wearing the Ariel Head by LOGO along with a shape a created myself paired with the Belleza Freya body. 


LOGO Ariel Head v1.0
-makeup/skin customization HUD sold separately- 

Candy Babydoll - nighty and panties

Darcia Skin 1.5
Next Level - Omega body applier 1.5

Danu Eyes #11

Andrea hairstyle - Deluxe Hud

Freya V 5.2 Bento

Shape I created myself