Fallen Leaves are not Dead


Anyone who thinks
Fallen leaves
Are dead
Has never watched
Them dancing on a 
Windy day
-Shira Tamir-

Today Aaron is using the GA.EG Evan bento mesh head along with the Hugo body skins and Ultimate eyes EY15A Spring Pack A. All the GA.EG heads now come with BOM applier, its a simple HUD you use and it installs the BOM option right to your HUD allowing you to use this new feature in Second Life. I am not using the BOM feature but thought I would at least mention that it is an option now. The Ultimate eyes are free at the store and then you can purchase eye packs separately to install to your eye hud and use.

For my outfit I am using the Logan Sweater and Patrol pants from A&D clothing. If you purchase the fat pack they come with some exclusive color options available only with the fat pack HUD. The sweater has the option to change the sleeve colors or you can make them all solid. As you can see I chose to change the sleeve colors.

My background is my own that I put together. The fence is part of the Fence pose set from Midnyte Creations and the pose in the first photo is part of the fence pose set. The second pose is a pose that I created and is not for sale.


Evan Bento mesh head
Hugo Body skins
Ultimate eyes Pack
EY15A-Spring Pack A

Sweater Logan Fatpack
Pants Patrol Fatpack

Jake 2.0 body


@Midnyte Creations
Fence prop & pose set