Morning adventure


Today felt like a good day to go on a little journey. Aaron headed over to Fox Road for a morning adventure. He was geared up with his Traveler shirt and backpack from Treized Designs. It does come with a HUD allowing for 37 textures for the shirt and backpack. It fits sizes Legacy, Slink, Gianni, and Geralt. There is also an unrigged version of the backpack which can be resized.

For pants I have chosen the Citizen Pants by A&D clothing. The pants are made for sizes, Belleza, Signature Gianni and Gerald, Davide, Slink and Adam. The pants are a nice casual pant with deep pockets on the side, perfect for carrying those extra items like a compass in case I get lost in my travels!

I'm wearing my favorite head by GA.EG, the Alan Bento mesh head. The heads now include a BOM installer hud so you can wear your favorite BOM skins!

Speaking of skins, I am wearing the LOST skin in earth tone from 7 deadly s[K]ins. This skin was the September group gift for men. As of today at the time this post is being written, the skin is still available in the store free to group members! It does come with BOM skins and also an omega HUD.


Alan 2.1 Bento Mesh Head


Pants - Citizen

Traveler v2 Men_Shirt & Backpack

Hiro Hair

@Hipster Style
PerfectMe COMBO Black

Canvas Sneaker Low

Location: Fox Road