I was a bit skeptical at first about all this Baked on Mesh, I really feel like its not a step forward for Second Life but more of a step backwards. I always enjoyed having the applier huds, being able to see exactly what I was applying when I clicked on a button and getting the results I wanted without having to go through a dozen different skins/makeups/tattoos or whatever it was to get the look I wanted. So, I decided, I am going to just go ahead and give this a shot and see how it is since a lot of the applier huds I use don't actually have pictures on them anyway so I'm still clicking in the dark to see what I'm getting! 

To start with, I got the GA.EG Evan 2.1.1 Bento Mesh head which is BOM ready. I paired this with the group gift from 7 Deadly s[K]ins LOST in the earth classic skin and the Adam Mesh body v2.1 along with the new BOM HUD body which makes the Adam body BOM ready. I learned quickly that you don't wear the alpha part when using BOM, you simply wear the body, your shape and head and then add the skin and just like that, your mesh is textured! It is pretty easy to do really! I used the beard style 3 that comes with the GA.EG hud. 

After trying out this BOM I think I will play around with it a bit more and give it a chance. I may be a little late getting started with it but better late than never! 

For my outfit I am wearing the Treized Designs Eden Shirt which is an exclusive at the TMJ event. The fatpack comes with a HUD that consists of 66 textures in total, 25 shirt textures, 25 sleeves & Collar and 16 button textures. It is fitted for Slink, Belleza, Legacy, and Signature Gianni/Geralt. I am actually wearing the Adam body and as you can see, with a little alpha work on the HUD it looks perfectly fine on the Adam body as well. And to accessorize I am wearing the A&D GIFT glasses - TopGun Dark which is a free group gift from A&D.

Un-edited version


ADAM Mesh Body Chest Large v2.1

Evan 2.1.1 Bento Mesh Head
Beard style 3 from HUD

Group Gift LOST GG Sept 19 - LOST Earth Classic

Eden Shirt Fatpack

A&D GIFT Glasses - TopGun - DARK

Angel hairstyle b&w