I decided to go out and about to explore and came across this lovely place called Elvion. It was quiet and relaxing with fields of grass and rivers and trees. It's a nice place to visit and explore or to just sit back and relax and take in the scenery. 

For my adventures, I chose to wear this cropped hoodie by Midnyte Creations called Crop Hoodies multi. It comes with a HUD that has 6 different sayings on the front including: Wait & See, GIRL, BABE, I speak fluent sarcasm, Me? Sarcastic? NEVER, and Different. Each one is textured with different colors. It is made for Slink, Belleza and Maitreya but I have put it on my Signature Alice body and with a little work from the alpha hud I was able to make it work. 

My pants are by #bye called Laced Jeans. These are applier pants that come in an omega hud and also system appliers if you use BOM or a system body. They are well made and well textured and come in numerous different colors to choose from. 

My skin is by 7 Deadly s[K]ins called PETRA which can be found at the UniK event that started Nov. 5th. I am using the lights tone: marshmellow for my look. The skins come with an omega hud and also BOM appliers. You can choose to use it with or without eyebrows. It shows on the display pic that this skin was made for Genus, but as you can see, it looks good on my Catwa head as well. Because it is Omega, you can virtually use it with any mesh head that is omega compatible. As always, I highly suggest trying the demo first! 

I have chosen to use the Signature Alice body. I like how the body is smooth around the curves. There is still very limited clothing options for Alice but with some patience and use of alpha hud you can make a lot of clothing work. I have also been using clothing layers via omega huds for this body like the pants I am wearing. 

My shape is by Midnyte Creations called Brandi, shape for Catwa Catya and Signature body. This is a new shape that is not yet released but should be out sometime very soon! 


Alice Body

PETRA lights @ UniK event starting Nov. 5th

Crop hoodies multi
Brandi shape for Catwa Catya/Signature body

Laced Jeans


Catya bento mesh head

@Random Matter
Junee Human ears

Location: ELVION 

Taken at Elvion and made it to look like an oil painting