LOGO has done it again! They released a new head for men called Victor which shows an older man with extremely detailed features! This head is amazing!! It can be found this month at the UBER event which comes in a bundled package that includes the appliers for the skin, animations and more! I am using one of the skins the head comes with along with my Adam body from Absolute creations and the BOM hud for my body to wear the BOM ready skin that comes with the head. The head also features a way to tone down the wrinkles if you want to make him slightly younger looking. But I think its pretty awesome having the wrinkles! It is so detailed and so realistic looking! Seriously, this is amazing! 

For my shirt I have chosen the A&D clothing sweater - Marvin. You can purchase individual colors or the fat pack which includes numerous colors you can't get individually. The shirt is sized to fit Adam, Davide, Slink, Belleza and Signature. A&D has some pretty amazing clothing for men at reasonable prices so I highly recommend checking them out! 


@LOGO - at UBER November / December
Victor head v1.0 Bundle

@Absolute Creations - Adam & Eve
ADAM Mesh Body - Chest Large v.2.1
HUD BOM Body Adam

@A&D Clothing
Sweater - Marvin - Fatpack

My hat is by CHROME but after looking for the store location it appears it is no longer in world or on MP.