I am excited to introduce to you the Barbara 2.0.2 Bento mesh head from GA.EG. This is a beautiful head that is BOM ready. I am using one of the skins that come with head along with the Mia body skins. The face piercings are the Barbara bento cone piercings sold separately. My makeup is also from GA.EG, I am using the Red spirit lipstick and the smoky eyeshadows. My eyes are the Ultimate eyes - EY13A - Sharp A pack. I am using the standard shape that comes with the head, (Only adjustment I made was giving her slightly bigger breast). I think this is one of my new favorite heads! (Though with GA.EG thats really a hard toss up! I love them all!!) I am wearing the Maitreya mesh body. 

My outfit is by Adorsy. I am wearing the Clementine Jean Pants Blue and the Aidy Top blue. These are both made for Maitreya and Belleza Freya bodies. I love the quality and the amazing textures these clothing provide. The single color shirt hud allows you to change the color of the undershirt, the straps and the buttons giving you many choices. The jeans single color hud allows you to change the color of the panties or hide the panties if you do not want them showing. Excellent work Adorsy! 

 My hair is from DOUX called Damiana hairstyle. I have the deluxe version which gives me all the hair color options, style options and I can change the color of my hat. 

Lovin' my new look!! 

Barbara 2.0.2 Bento mesh head
Ultimate Eyes - EY13A - Sharp A
Barbara Bento Cone piercings
Mesh heads addon- ES05 Smoky Eyeshadows
Red Spirit Lipsticks
Mia Body Skins

Clementine Jean Pants Blue
Aidy Top Blue

Damiana hairstyle

Lara Body