Fantasy Bed


I have to admit, I feel simply awful... I cleaned out my inventory and rearranged a bunch of items and completely misplaced this lovely bedroom set. It was meant to be blogged during the Christmas season. To my sponsor, Kitty Creations I do apologize!! 

I am still blogging this however because you do have the option to remove the Christmas decorations and make it for everyday living. The set is called Avondale Forest Bed and it comes with the two side tables and a fur rug. The HUD allows you to change the bed fabric textures to 8 different colors. The adult version is equipped with 265 animations. I have included a photo below of the bed set done up in the Christmas decor because it is just too cute not to. And... you have a bed all year round and when it comes time for Christmas again, just toss on the decor and you are ready to go! 


Avondale Forest Bed (Includes side tables, rug and bonus Christmas decor)

Titans - The Carriage House