I LOVE freckles, so setting up this avatar look was so much fun. I started off using the LAQ Rebel bento mesh head and the Leah Skin in tone 1.5 from LAQ. I then added LAQ head makeup eyeliners, (I used #4) and the head makeup Opal lipgloss (#1). My shape is the new Riley shape from Midnyte Creations made for the LAQ Rebel head and Maitraya body. 

My eyes are from Plastik called Annia from eyepack four. I am using the Jera eyes from this pack. The pack comes with 5 color options. It includes mesh eyes, system eyes (for BOM), and an omega applier if you are using omega compatible eyes. 

My nails are the Stiletto Nails - Chione from Avada. These nails come in 14 color combinations and are rigged for Legacy, Maitreya, and Slink. 

For my outfit.... I went to the Equal 10 event where I found these pants, Sofia Pants - Black by AsteroidBox. Considering I am using this avatar for a roleplaying character who happens to be a girl next door but also a little bad ass, I thought these pants were perfect for her and I couldn't be happier when I got them. The detail is amazing from the textures, chains and buckles. These are made for Signature Alice (which I'm so excited about since I am trying to use my Signature body more!), Belleza Freya, Slink Hourglass, Legacy, Maitraya (the ones I'm wearing) AND it comes with a Hud that allows you to change metal textures, bag flap, bag base, leg straps or you can hide the leg belts and bag. Talk about an awesome find! 

I also found my shirt at Equal 10 called Ripped Tee - Beat It by Plex. The shirt is made for Freya, Hourglass, Legacy and Maitraya. There were many different ones to choose from with different sayings and different colors, but this one was my favorite... at least for this look.

And finally, my gloves are from Massom. I have had these awhile and had to dust them off from my inventory. I kind of forgot I had them! I need to use them more, they are awesome! They are great quality in texture and design and detail. They are the Rumi Bento gloves - Black. The gloves are fit for Belleza, Maitraya and slink. They come with a HUD that allows you to change the metal textures as well. What a great find! 


:[P]:- Annia Eyepack:// Four
:[P]:- Annia Eyes Applier HUD:// Jera

Stiletto Nails - Chione

<MC> Riley Shape for LAQ Rebel

LAQ ~ Leah Skin [All Tones] Omega (1.5)
LAQ Bento - Rebel 3.07
LAQ head makeup ~ Eyeliners #4
LAQ head makeup ~ Opal Lipgloss #1
LAQ ~ Mesh Eyes [Rigged and Unrigged] 1.01

Hair - Fiona

@AsteroidBox - Equal10 Event
Sofia Pants - Black

@Plex - Equal10 Event
Ripped Tee - Beat It

Rumi Bento gloves - Black