Let's go sledding

Everybody is like, "I hate the cold! Let's go somewhere warm!" And I'm over here like, "So when are we going sledding?" 

I am wearing the LOGO Jace Head. I have the bundle pack which includes all the appliers (skin, some makeups, hairbases, brows, etc...) As well as animations for expressions. This is by far the best deal as it includes everything. My shape is by Midnyte Creations called LJ-Luke Shape. It comes in 3 sizes, I am using the large size. 

My hair is by ALANTORI called Reece hair. This is a new release hair. It is resizable. For my hairbase I went with Hipster Style's Ronan Hairbase Black

My outfit is from A&D Clothing. I am wearing the Jacket - Edmund. I have the fat pack which includes a large variety of colors plus some exclusive colors that you can only get with the fatpack. The hud also includes options to change colors of the sleeve patches, strings and the little pieces hanging off the strings. (I have no idea what those little doo-hickies are called). Its a great styled jacket made to fit sizes Adam, Geralt, Gianni, Jake, Slink, TMP and classics. My pants are also from A&D called Leonard pants. They are a nice... not so nice ripped up pair of jeans. Again, the fat pack includes all the colors plus additional exclusive colors only included with the fat pack. 

My background scene is by Joplino called Backdrop Sleigh. This is an exclusive group gift for the FlashShot event that runs from Jan. 10th - 31st. It is a nice little wintery scene with snowy trees, a mound of snow and of course the sled. I am using the TuTy's Male pose29 to sit on the sled. 

Jace Head Bundle

Midnyte Creations
LJ-Luke Shape Large

Reece Hair

Hipster Style
Ronan Hairbase Black

A&D Clothing
Jacket - Edmund
Pants Leonard

Backdrop Sleigh - FlashShot Event Group Gift

Male Pose29