I saw this shirt at A&D clothing and my first thought was Lumberjack! So of course, I had to create some poses to do this picture and create the right look. 

The shirt is called Finn and it is made for Slink, Gianni, Geralt, Jake, Adam, Davide, TMP and classics. It comes with a HUD for a tucked and untucked version. The fat pack comes with additional exclusive colors. 

To create the avatar look, I went with the GA.EG Rick 2.1.1 Bento Mesh head. I am using the new Master hairbases and the Spring A eye pack all from GA.EG. The skin is one of the skin tones that comes with the HUD for the mesh head. And what lumberjack isn't complete without his beard? My beard is a Rick exclusive bento stache & beard from Magnificent. 

The poses are Lumberjack. These are a group gift at Midnyte Creations, or $30L for non group members. It does come with a pose stand with a hide/show button and is made with the easy to adjust AV sitter menu system. The Ax is a prop that will rezz with each pose and attach to your avatar. 


 [GA.EG] Rick 2.1.1 Bento Mesh Head
EY15A - Spring A
[GA.EG] Master Hairbases

A&D Clothing - Shirt -Finn-  FatPack

<MC> Lumberjack poses

[MF] Rick Exclusive Bento Stache & Beard - Night

TAOX TaTToo Sleeves Malicious VU