Meet Miku, a very fun, playful and also very lazy Neko cat girl. Miku is one of my roleplaying characters who has recently just got a little bit of a make over so I wanted to share her with you. 

I decided to use the Signature Alice mesh body. The hud is very easy to use to hide parts or entire sections of the body. I have also noticed more people finally making clothing for this body! Miku is petite, a little thick in the waist and thighs and is one of my favorite characters to play! I have decided to put her shape up for sale and share her with everyone.


Signature Alice v2.1

@more more
hina skin gatcha_7 (genus)


Cat Kiss Mesh Eyes

#1 RARE NEKO'NEKO Bento Fluffy Tail + Bow {aii}

scruffy cat ears

Artemis hairstyle

Mewnificent - White Mouse Mouthie

@Midnyte Creations
Miku body shape and Kitty wrap for Alice body

Head used: Genus Baby