The 2020 Skin Fair opens up tomorrow, March 13th and runs until the 29th. One of the sponsors of the event is LOGO and this year they have come out with this beautiful new head, Josie! 

Josie head v1.0 comes with two versions, the default which is the parted lips version or you can use the closed lips version of the head. This is a bundled deal that comes with all the customization huds and animations. During the fair only this head is specially priced at just $999! This is a steal! If you are searching for a new head check this one out, its amazing, its beautiful! I have not changed anything in my look, I am using the default shape that comes with the head, eyes and skin and makeup are all from the hud. Only $999 during the event! This one is a MUST have! 

My hair is by Wasabi called Venere Mesh hair. It does come with a HUD to allow you to style change it and there is also a not so windblown version. 

Body by Maitreya