working day


Caught Aaron while at work today, working on a construction site. I couldn't help but snap some photos of him standing there with his top off, showing off his tattoos and looking just as sexy as can be. 

And how can he not with that Adam body - Chest large from Absolute Creations and his Liam head from LOGO. He is wearing the Blaze male skin tone (BOM for body, from HUD for head), facial hair and eyes are both from the customization HUD for Male from LOGO . 

His tattoo is the Letis Tattoo: Honor which does come in several opacity options, omega and BOM making it super easy to use on just about any body and his hair is by Vango called Oscar

For clothing, Aaron is wearing the Andreas Pants from A&D Clothing. The pants are rolled up slightly at the ankles and offers the longer (as pictured below) and a shorter rolled version (not pictured). The jeans are made for Geralt, Gianni, Jake, Slink, TMP and Adam. The fat pack hud comes with more options than you can purchase if just buying individually. 

For Props I am using the Dahlia Belmar Sugar Cane Cola which includes a rezzable version and a hold version with bento hand hold. 

For the hard hat I picked up TBF Full - Perm Hard Hat (the one he is holding and the one sitting next to him) and also the TBF Jackhammer which includes a hard hat muffs as pictured in last photo, both can be found HERE

The Scaffolding can be found HERE.