My head is by GA.EG. This is the Alan 2.2 Bento mesh head which is BOM compatible. I am using the Hugo Body Skin - NST4 - Hairy skin with the tone 4 head skin with freckles that comes with the head. 

My body is the Signature Gianni mesh body which is currently on sale for a flash sale for 30% off. I do not know how long this sale will last so if you've wanted one of the Signature bodies now is the time to grab it! 

My hair is the Vango Lewis Naturals. It comes with the hat and a hud to change the hat colors. 

My outfit is by A&D Clothing called Suit - Las Vegas - Fat pack. The fat pack comes with 18 suit colors, 18 shirt colors and can be tucked or untucked. It is made for Slink, Gianni, Geralt, Jake, Adam, TMP and classics. 

The pose I am using is by !R.O! called Card bento pose w/Mesh playing Card. There are 2 versions of the pose, looking down and looking straight. The card is texture change to display any of the 4 Aces in a deck and comes with 1 transferable card if you want to use on a friend and 1 copy card.