This is the beautiful Kylie 2.2 Bento Mesh head by GA.EG. The head is an updated version which has BOM option built into the HUD making it easy to switch between the two. My shape is the standard shape that comes with the head. I am using the Kylie ST2 Freckles BOM skin along with the Divine Body skin regular ST2 skin layer. My eyes are the Ultimate eyes 2.0 Gold with the EY20A bonus pack A that comes with the gold version eyes. My lipstick is the LP23 Color Me Lipsticks which is a new release and is available as BOM or omega applier. My eye makeup is the ES05 Smoky Eyeshadows and my nails are the Xtra Long Metallic Bento Nails, all from GA.EG.

Hair - DOUX - Elvia Hairstyle
OUTFIT - CK Spoiled Dress Black