From EVE'Olution - Adam & Eve we have the Hunter Bento BOM ready mesh head. The head comes with BOM ready skin both brow and browless version in multiple skin tones. Hunter has rustic masculine features. I am using the shape that came with the head with some slight alterations. I changed the body quite a bit and adjusted the lips to my liking. I added the beard which is from Iron Claw called Mesh Full Heavy Beard Hipster (black) men. The beard is re-sizable and easy to make fit any head. 

My clothing starts off at A&D Clothing. I am wearing the T-Shirt - Route 66 which comes in sizes for Adam, Classics, Signature, Jake, Slink and TMP. The shirt can be worn either tucked or untucked. The fat pack comes with numerous additional color options via HUD. 

My shorts are from JUSTICE called Jason Shorts - Baltic Sea. The shorts come in sizes for Gianni, Jake, Adam, David, and slink. You can purchase them individually or in the fat pack for a large variety of colors. 


*!*Adam Mesh Head2 Hunter 

A&D Clothing - T-Shirt -Route 66-  FatPack



[IC] Mesh Full Heavy Beard Hipster (Black) men

Dura-B100-FAT PACK1

@MOVEMENT @ Man Cave Event (June 2020 round)
10 - MVT But first beer COMMON

NEWCLAN_Sensual Eyes_#4

TuTy's POWER male still posing HUD