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Just some beautiful classical music to listen to

Her hair was like silken ebony strands of the night
Her eyes as blue as the clearest of skies
Her heart was pure and innocent
Her magical touch made the forest grow.

Her flesh was soft and pale like the gentle glow of a full moon
Adorned with spots that speckled her body
Her legs were not human but covered in fur
With hooves for feet.

What kind of creature is this
I asked upon myself
as I watched this magical creature 
with fascination and wonder. 

The animals flocked to her
Birds and bunnies
Racoons and chipmunks
And even the deer.

Upon her head were horns
In which she decorated with flowers.
An innocence of beauty
So delicate and rare.

-Midntye Childs-


Willow Head v1.0 Bundle

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:[P]:- Aranaea Flore (horns and flower mouthie)
:[P]:- Faunus Reloaded:// Naturals (Legs)

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