Sometimes Memories
Sneak out of my eyes
And Roll down
My cheeks.

[GA.EG] Lily 2.0 Bento Mesh Head
[GA.EG] Head Skins - Elena - ST2 - BOM Layers
[GA.EG] Divine Body Skin - Regular - ST2 - Skin Layer
[GA.EG] Ultimate Eyes Pack - EY21A My Promise Pack A
[GA.EG] ES12 Eternal Eyeshadows 

[GA.EG] LP19 - Red Spirit Lipsticks 

Sintiklia - Hair Lana - Fatpack+Tint pack
@Stand for Justice fundraiser event

LAQ ~ Falling Tears

.:[PUMEC] :.
#19--- MESH EARS (Gatcha)

This post is dedicated to my dog Shadow who had to be put to sleep today. He will forever be missed.