I named this post after what is represented in the photo. This joint giver box is from Absolute Creations / Adam & Eve. Its a fun little roleplay prop that you can hold and offer joints to your friends. They can click on the box and get a joint. You can also be greedy with your joints and set a limit on how many joints it gives out, you can set it daily, hourly or no limit.

For my look I went with my GA.EG Alan 2.2 bento mesh head with the Robust Alan shape. The facial hair is part of the Alan Hud that comes with the head and the eyebrows are the Alan brows BOM layers. The Alan head is BOM ready which brings me to my skin. 

I am wearing the Walter Skin from 7 Deadly s[K]ins. This skin is one of the July group gifts. Currently the group is $295L to join and worth every bit! You get free skins every month and the packs come with numerous tones, BOM and omega and its a full skin so you do not have to purchase separate appliers. 

My Shirt is by Midnyte Creations called Frank's Open shirt. It comes with 2 Huds, one for solids and one for prints. The solids has 12 options, the prints have 8 options. This is made for sizes Signature Gianni/Geralt, Belleza Jake, Adam, David, Davide, Aesthetic, and Slink. I am also wearing the Men's solid tanks that come with a 6 color option Hud in the same sizes mentioned above. This tank fits perfectly under the open shirt. 


Alan 2.2 Bento Mesh Head
Alan Shape - Robust
Brows - B-BR11 Alan - BOM layers
Ultimate Eyes 2.0 [Gold] - EY19C - Full Moon C

Walter Skin - July Group gift

Frank's Open Shirt
Men's Solid Tanks

—÷[(`Other Credits´)]—÷

Hair - Y-U: Corey 'Blk' Unisex

Background - Nikotin Secret Room - Full pack